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Guatemala fishing for Sailfish report Jan 27th 2009

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

The billfishing a couple of weeks ago was RED HOT…………..some boats raising up to 80 sailfish per day, and a good few Blue
Marlin in the mix as well.
Things have cooled down since (at least by Guatemala standards) and recent groups have been seeing an average of 20 raises
per boat per day – a good and active fishing day, with a little time in between for a cold beer.

The other significant change has been that the blue water has moved in significantly – so that “lines in” now is at about 20
miles, a nice comfortable morning run and just enough time to finish the coffee before the action starts.

You can read the full Guatemala fishng report at

Good news for Guatemala fishing and Costa Rica Fishing

Monday, January 26th, 2009

We had a couple of snippets/updates of good news this week for our support of a total ban on killing billfish including Marlin and Sailfish in all waters from the Atlantic to Pacific.

The government of Costa Rica may votes as early as this week on the improved regulations that we have reported and discussed here ……. and we also learned of a campaign that is gathering publicity and steam to incite a public boycott in the USA of menus that support dishes of Marlin meat.


The goal of the organisation is to enlist the support of all stakeholders (excuse the ugly pun) from chefs to restaurant owners to diners – and to convince them that it is better for all – economically and ethically – so not serve Marlin at all…….and ideally not to serve any billfish whatsoever.


The GreatSailfishing Company encourages you to voice your support – and to spread the word !!



Costa Rica fishing ban may help Guatemala too

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

We earlier reported on credible reports from the University of Miami and other sorces that discussed how Costa Rica regulations allowing the harvesting of billfish – and sailfish in particular was bad for sportfishing not only in Costa Rica but for the whole industry (and the tourist industry). You can read the original post here :  

So some good (or better) news :  country’s fishery watchdog, INCOPESCA, deliberated in December (and continues to do so) on a fishing edict, which could ban sailfish exports.

The law would further cement sailfish being considered a species of tourist interest, making a valiant attempt at bolstering its population up and down the coast.

If signed, unaltered legislation would include:

Prohibiting the use of live bait on longlines.

The establishment of a 30-mile exclusion zone – extending from Quepos south – where longlines cannot be deployed from January through March.

Prohibiting the export of sailfish; an action that will be automatically reviewed in two years.

A new regulation prohibiting removing sailfish from the water to take photographs prior to release.

Guatemala National Sportfishing Tournament

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Was held last week – results were

16 sportfishing boats participated

412 Sailfish releases the first day

394 Sailfish releases the second day

……….now that’s good fishing !

Christmas fishing bonanza !

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Christmas is coming – the fish are getting FATmennie

This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending

December 7th 2008  and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company

operating out of the new Pez Vela Marina.

Things are still “changeable” in Guatemala. One day the sun is out and the seas are calm – the next a quick front can push through and drive up the seas and scatter the bait (along with the billfish that were concentrated on them)……..but as we head further into the dry season, the vast majority of days have become perfect fishing days. (Of course many would say that very day is a perfect fishing day !)

There is a great variety of fish to be caught at present – as well as the ubiquitous sailfish, we are catching plenty of tuna and good sized dorado. There are even enough Blue Marlin showing to have the opportunity to cast a fly to one on almost a daily basis.

So it was with Trevor Mennie who made the trip down after waving his wife onto the plane in New York bound for “Blighty”. We were only raising high single digits of billfish his first day out on the water with a long wand in hand – but one of those was a Blue Marlin, so some compensation there………..nevertheless, he had come down specifically to catch a billfish on the fly,and we were there to help him.

We set the Reel Diver up for flyfishing, and rigged a good bunch of horse ballyhoo tied up to penn spinning rods for a quick and easy teasing rig – and were ready for when the sails came into the teaser spread.

After a couple of attempts, Trveor masterfully hooked into one of the largest sails that we have seen so far this season, and hunkered down for the fight.

The fish took off with the Billy Pate reel screaming in Trevor’s hands, and the cap’n fired the CATS into hard reverse to give chase and prevent the 350yd capacity reel being spooled. The fight took some considerable time, but eventually the billfish was brought to the stern – and estimated in excess of 160lbs !! That is some fish on a 13wt fly outfit !!!

The fishing continues to improve and each day becomes more consistent – and with more of the fleet going out each day, locating the pods of sailfish is also becoming quicker and more predictable. If you want to catch a billfish – or even a Blue Marlin – on the fly, now is a GREAT time to come down and give it a go.

The boats are ready, the crews are primed – come down and enjoy

the season fishing with

We are booking strongly already for some of the popular dates this season, so don’t wait, give us a call

at 1 877 763 0851or send us an email (below) to check on dates – we would look forward to welcoming you to

some of the finest fishing anywhere.

Our Favorite Fishing Quote for the week:

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind

~ Washington Irving


Monday, January 5th, 2009

Mostly about Guatemala………………….always about fishing !