Fishing reports for Guatemala

About GreatSailfishing in Guatemala

Thanks for visiting with us.

We have just completed our 13th full season in Guatemala – every year things seem to change rapidly……….mostly for the better, sometimes not (much like life !)

We wanted to find a way to communicate better – and to have a forum other than just fishing reports. We welcome your questions, comments,critique – it is only by hearing from you that we can continue to improve our operation.

Our goal is to make every trip a special occasion, something to remember for a lifetime (or at least until your next trip down) – and as HASSLE FREE as possible.

To help answer your questions, we have written an extensive 16-chapter eBook that is filled with our experiences and tips for fishing in Guatemala.

Simply click on the book below and you will receive instructions on how to receive this eBook instantly and absolutely free !

Guatemala fishing guide

Guatemala fishing guide


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