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Roads in Guatemala

Sunday, September 6th, 2009
Roads in Guatemala

There is already a 4-lane highway from Guatemala City to the Pacific coast that makes fishing in Guatemala convenient to access for international visitors.

Until now, it has been the only such road in the country, and has greatly facilited the development and ease of access for fishing for sailfish in Guatemala on the West coast.


Now a new project is about to begin that may offer the same benfits on the East coast. The government just announced that construction of  the mega-highway project Franja Transversal del Norte, FTN will begin in Guatemala in late October.
In his radio program on Wednesday: Despacho Presidencial, Colom once more defended that project due to the benefit it brings to more than half a million residents in the adjoining regions – and potentially opening up the Caribbean side of the country to visiting anglers as well.

Project-FTN, a dream of decades ago will soon come true in late October, Guatemala leader said.

Franja Transversal del Norte is a mega-highway project that will cross Guatemala from the Atlantic Ocean, which is at the east of this country, across four departments (provinces) to the border with Mexico in the west.

 The road will have an approximate length of 226 miles and is expected to be finished by Dec. 2011.


Calm seas attract anglers to fish in Guatemala

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Guatemala boasts some of the world’s most consistently flat seas – often as far out as 50 miles it can be calm and almost like a lake. Observing the geography of the coastline, you can see how the waters form a large protected bowl with Mexico at the top and Panama at the bottom. This  combined with the protection offered from the prevailing winds by the highlands and the ridge of volcanoes means that the coast and coastal waters are almost wind free on a year round basis, with late February through May almost guaranteeing flat seas.

During the dry season – and the height of the sailfishing season of November – May, it is highly unusual to see any problems with weather impacting the sportfishing fleet’s ability to leave the dock. Even during the wet season, the weather offshore can vary significantly to the coastal weather – but there is certainly a greater propensity for weather delays or to be “blown out” in the Summer months.

Remember however that just when the wind is providing some cooling effects while fishing – this is no time to relax the regimen of high factor sun protection……….this is a must when fishing offshore all year round in Guatemala, along with high quality sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat for screening your head.

Free guide to fishing in Guatemala

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

We have just released our complete Fishing guide to Guatemala.

Over 40 pages packed with information and tips on your fishing trip to Guatemala. The book is organised into 16 chapters that cover everything from fishing technique for sailfish and marlin – both flyfishing for sailfish and conventional fishing – to accommodation options, transport, tips and culture and other potential excursions.

This 40 page fishing guide is your absolutely free. Simply click on the graphic below to receive instructions on how to receive it instantly – and best of all it is absolutely free with no obligation whatsoever !


FREE Fishing guide to Guatemala

FREE Fishing guide to Guatemala

When you come to Guatemala fishing…….

Monday, April 20th, 2009

The good news is that the new airport terminal in Guatemala City (La Aurora, GUA) is just about finished. For anyone who hasn’t visited for a couple of years – you will hardly recognize the place !


The government made a strategic investment to try and develop the region into a Central America hub for air transport – and has so invested heavily in the airport itself as well as surrounding infrastructure such as parking and arrivals. The new terminal is a modern masterpiece of steel and glass, and certainly wouldn’t be out of place in any capital city in the world. The arrivals process has also been significantly streamlined and modernized.


MOST IMPORTANT however when travelling to Guatemala for fishing is to MAKE SURE that you passport has AT LEAST 6 months validity left before renewal. The immigration officers play it strictly by the book, and do not hesitate to put arriving passengers on the next available flight home if their documentation and in particular their passport validity is not up to date. Do it well in advance !!