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When you come to Guatemala fishing…….

Monday, April 20th, 2009

The good news is that the new airport terminal in Guatemala City (La Aurora, GUA) is just about finished. For anyone who hasn’t visited for a couple of years – you will hardly recognize the place !


The government made a strategic investment to try and develop the region into a Central America hub for air transport – and has so invested heavily in the airport itself as well as surrounding infrastructure such as parking and arrivals. The new terminal is a modern masterpiece of steel and glass, and certainly wouldn’t be out of place in any capital city in the world. The arrivals process has also been significantly streamlined and modernized.


MOST IMPORTANT however when travelling to Guatemala for fishing is to MAKE SURE that you passport has AT LEAST 6 months validity left before renewal. The immigration officers play it strictly by the book, and do not hesitate to put arriving passengers on the next available flight home if their documentation and in particular their passport validity is not up to date. Do it well in advance !!